Junior Football

Junior Scottish Football Championship

Glasgow Life (Kash Taank) in conjunction with SEMSA and Berkeley St. Gurdwara helped organise and cater for a WSWF (Without Shape Without Form – volunteer group based in Slough) Junior Football Championship for up to 150 children, at Toryglen Football Grounds on Thursday 13th October 2022.

This was an all-inclusive youth football tournament for schools in Glasgow. Raising awareness about the power of the mind through the power of the game. Creating spaces for conversations and understanding around identity, sport, and mental health. Empowering, seeing, and celebrating diverse young people from all over the city.

SEMSA hosted the WSWF organisers of the exhibition ‘Journey of the mind’ & football tournament as well as friends of SEMSA at Mr. Singh’s Restaurant on Thurs 20th Oct.

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